Call 336-422-4611 for a great haircut at a great price!
My name is
STEVE FINGER, and I provide precision haircuts and hair services designed to your specific needs. I am one of the top master BARBERS IN WINSTON SALEM. I perform some of the finest MENS HAIRCUTS IN WINSTON SALEM. Treat yourself to a great hairstyle the way you want! You will be very pleased with my prices! Come get one of the best HAIRCUTS IN WINSTON-SALEM by one of the top BARBERS IN WINSTON-SALEM! A great blend of classic barbering with new trend haircuts that makes me your preferred hair guy.
I encourage you to read the unedited comments of some of my well satisfied customers!

HOURS: 8am to 6pm Tuesday thru Friday and 8am to 4pm Saturday.

1. Your hair cut in one of the best BARBERSHOPS IN WINSTON SALEM!
2. Straight razor neck shave and hot towel with all mens haircuts.
3. Shampoo and style with all mens haircuts.
4. Straight razor facial shaves with hot towels.
5. NATURAL LOOKING gray coverage.

I am located at: Serenity Salon, 1401 South Hawthorne Rd.
Winston-Salem, N.C.



  1. Can you ever remember what guard you use when you go to one of the “barbers” in Winston-Salem? Yeah, I can’t either. The great thing is Steve -knows – which one to use. I went to him the first time today, and I’ve finally found someone in Winston who knows how to cut hair. If you’re tired of the hair cuts yoy get at other places, do yourself a favor and call Steve to book an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. I recently switched to using Steve for my haircuts and have been very happy. He does a great job and charges a fair price. I highly recommend him!

  3. I’ve been going to Steve for over a year now and have not once had a bad experience. I stopped going to those $10 “clipper” hair cuts and came to Steve. I’ve never turned back. I go to school out of Winston Salem and refuse to get my haircut unless its with Steve back at home.

  4. I’ve been visiting Steve for over a year now. I was glad to have received a recommendation for his services. Steve cut my hair in a fashion that I could never have imagined myself and it turned out great. When I ask for a little change here and there he delivers. Couldn’t be happier with his services and it works out very well that the price is consistent and very reasonable. To get the haircut that fits your face and body, set up an appointment with Steve.

  5. I just wanted to say that Steve offers unrivaled professionalism and talent in what he does. I am very finicky about who I let be my barber, and he has consistently delivered the best hair cuts and shaves that money can buy. You can’t go wrong with Steve, and I count myself lucky to be part of his clientele.

    Wes Willeford, MD

  6. Hi Steve,
    it was a great experience getting such a professional and relaxing shve and haircut. I enjoyed the time in your shop. I can recommend you to everybody who wants to get a shave or haircut with good old methods.
    Thank you and greetings from Germany.

    Tobi from Munich

  7. Steve,
    Your website looks good. I have only one suggestion. For the men’s haircut, you are giving them an old-fashioned barber shop treatment which is a lost art. I think you’ve got a very nice combination of the new and the old that you should emphasize.

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